You may be stuck at home but the internet is a great resourse!  Here you'll find some fun links and some educational links.  Newest links are at the top of each section.  **New "Games" category added!

For the Fun of It

  • National Jukebox - From the Library of Congress, check out historical recordings.
  • Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Home - "Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."
  • Chordify -  Simply plug in the YouTube viedo of a song you want to learn and get mostly accurate chords.
  • Music Map - If you're bored of the same old music, type in a band you like and get a bunch of similar artists!
  • Muscle Wiki - Click on the muscle group and get a bunch of exercises for each one.
  • Radio Garden - Spin the globe to listen to radio stations from all over the world.
  • Find the Invisible Cow - She's hiding behind the screaming.
  • The Magic iPod: 2007 Forever - The songs might be old but it's still TONS of fun to see how things mix!
  • How Stuff Works - Learn how everything works!
  • True Size - I have spent HOURS playing with this, comparing different places to see what size they really are.
  • -  If you plan on binging a show while you're off, this site will tell you exactly how long it will take you.


Home Learning

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Social Studies and History



College Prep/Standardized Testing

There are significant changes to testing for Michigan students from 2015/16. Find out all you can so you are well prepared. 

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