Bryan J Cloutier, MLIS Library Director & CEO Administration
Mary Ann Dorda, ABA
Administrative Assistant Administration
Jaema Berman, MLIS Head of Adult Services Management
Rachael Quinn, MLIS
Head of Teen Services Management
Kim Burean, MLIS Head of Youth Services Management
Jacqueline Seimer, BAE
Head of Support Services Management
Abigail Snable Library Page Support Services
Alissa Bach, MLIS Librarian Teen Services
Anastasia Boggess Library Page Support Services 
Chelsea Pridmore, MLIS Librarian Adult Services
Christine Marion, BSME
Assistant Supervisor Support Services
Emily D'Angelo, MS, LPC Librarian  Youth Services
Jane Charlton, BS Librarian Assistant Youth Services
Jane Vickery, AAS
Support Services Clerk Support Services
Jennifer Bidock Support Services Clerk Support Services
Jennifer Erard, BA Librarian Assistant Adult / Outreach Services
Nancy Brown, BBA
Support Services Clerk Support Services
Rebecca Carnegie, BAA Librarian Assistant Youth Services 
Ricardo Aguirre, BGS Librarian Assistant Adult / Teen Services
Samantha Balongie Support Services Clerk Support Services
Samantha Hurst Library Page Support Services 
Sarah Schiller, BA Librarian Assistant Youth / Teen Services
Valarie Logan, AAS Librarian Assistant Youth Servces
Terry Brewer Building Superintendent Facilities Maintenance