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  • Materials may be checked out by anyone with a current The Library Network (TLN) member library card or a patron with a "MiLibrary Card" from a participating Michigan library.  "MiLibrary Card", or "MeL Visiting Patron" guests are limited to 10 print material items only.   Still not sure if you qualify for a card with us?  View our application process for more details.
  • To be eligible for an Oxford Public Library card you must be a resident of Oxford and show proof of address. Anyone under 18 years of age applying for a library card must be accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian in order to receive a card.
  • The Library Privacy Act restricts us from giving out any information regarding patrons or items patrons have checked out on their records. Children under 18 must have a parent's or legal guardian's signature on their application and only that child and signing parent or legal guardian have the right to information on that card.
  • Library borrowing privileges may be restricted if a patron has exceeded user thresholds.
  • We require that patrons carry their library cards with them when coming to the library. In order to maintain patron safety and privacy, library cards are required to check out material or to use public computers. It is the responsibility of the patron to notify the library when a card is lost or stolen. If a card is lost a replacement card may be issued for a $3.00 fee.



  • Most materials may be renewed twice if there are no holds on the items. Items may be renewed by phone or online. Please have your library card or the item you wish to renew available in hand when you call. 
  • DVDs may only be renewed once.



  • Returns can be made to the overnight bookdrop on the front of the building during closed hours or to the indoor bookreturn just inside the first set of doors (to your right) during library hours. If your book is overdue and you would like to pay your fine or you would like to renew your book, you must bring the book to the Circulation Desk.


Overdue Charges

  • All materials, with exception of the DVD collection – $.10 per day. per item past due date.
  • DVD collection – $.25 per day.
  • The Library does not charge for days that it is closed.


Loan Periods

  • 3 weeks – most books and books on CD and non-fiction DVDs.
  • 1 week – magazines, feature DVDs, puppets, media kits, music CDs.
  • In-house only – any material marked Reference
  • Receipts may be requested at time of check-out to help you keep track of due dates of library materials, and also of the number of items you have checked out.  Email reminders are also available; inquire at the Welcome/Circulation Desk if you are interested in receiving your receipt notifications via email.



  • Librarians may choose to set limits on certain materials when special school assignments are given. This is to aid the children in completing these projects. Signs will be posted at these times to alert you of these special limits.