Bryan J Cloutier, MLIS Library Director & CEO Administration
Mary Ann Dorda, ABA
Administrative Assistant Administration
Sandy Gilmore, MLIS Head of Adult Services Management
Rachael Quinn, MLIS
Head of Teen Services Management
Kim Burean, MLIS Head of Youth Services Management
Nancy Weir Head of Support Services Management
Alissa Bach, MLIS Librarian Teen Services
Carolyn Koch
Clerk Support Services
Christine Marion
Clerk Support Services
Diane Betcher, MLIS Librarian Assistant Adult / Outreach Services
Jacqueline Seimer
Clerk Support Services
Jane Vickery Clerk Support Services
Jennifer Fruk, BS, Outdoor Recreation Librarian Assistant Youth Services
Jessica Cicarelli, BAE, K-5 Librarian Assistant Youth / Teen Services
Julie Kwon, MLIS Librarian Assistant Adult / Teen Services
Kerry Roman, MLIS Librarian Youth Services
Lori Ferrari, BSE, Early Childhood  Librarian Assistant Youth Services
Mary Cowles Clerk Support Services
Maudia Lanzotti, MLIS Librarian Adult Services
Nancy Brown
Clerk Support Services
Valarie Logan, AAS Librarian Assistant Youth Servces
Terry Brewer Building Superintendent Facilities Maintenance