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Did you know we have mazines for all age in the Children's Department? There are magazines for babies, young children, older children, and even adults. Below is a sample of the titles we have.

Ladybug is for young children ages 2-6. Included are stories, songs, poems, activities, and games. No advertising!


Ranger Rick, Jr. is a nature magazine for toddlers and beginning readers. Find out about nature and animals with the many fun activities.

Appleseeds is full of adventure and exploration for the 7-9 year olds. Each issue is based on a particular theme and includes activities, puzzles, maps, games, and fascinating stories based on the theme. For example, read about George Washington’s childhood prank in The case of the missing wig in the February 2004 issue.

Who said learning about American history is boring? Not so – if you read Cobblestone for children ages 9-14! Children can read about events, places, and people who have helped to shape our country. Each issue also has recommended web sites, activities, and brain ticklers. This magazine is not only fun reading but helpful for reports too.

zoo-booksZoobooks is published by Wildlife Education and each issue focuses on a specific animal or group of animals.  Check out the April 2004 issue about animal babies and read about animal babies and do some activities related to animal babies.


odyssey-magazineOdyssey is an exciting adventure into science for ages 10-16.  You can get science news from around the world, read interviews with leading scientists, see monthly star charts, and try some science activities. 

Kids Discover, for ages 6 and up, makes it fun to learn about the world.  Each issue investigates a different topic from weather to telescopes to the human brain to pyramids. 

national-geographic-kidsNational Geographic Kids is another multi-topic magazine that makes it fun to learn about the world.  Geared for ages 8-14 this magazine has exceptional photography and interesting stories and articles.  What are 10 cool things about the movie Lord of the Rings: Return of the King?  Find out in the December 2003 issue.

It’s always interesting to find out about other cultures around the world.  Take a look at FACES: People, places, and cultures for ages 8-14.  Each month FACES focuses on a region of the world and explores that region through photos, maps, folktales, plays, food articles, and almost everything you want to know about that region. 


We have something for everyone.

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