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IMG 5880Planning Facilitators

  • Ms. Marianne Hartzell
    Hartzell-Mika Consulting, LLC
  • Dr. Joseph J. Mika
    Hartzell-Mika Consulting, LLC

  • Ms. Valerie Gross
    CEO, Howard County (Md.) Library

Library Board

  • Mr. Duane Salswedel, President
  • Ms. Kathy Hoeflein, Vice-President
  • Ms. Sue Stilwell, Secretary
  • Mr. Tom Offer, Treasurer
  • Mr. Tony Rizzo, Trustee
  • Ms. Jean Davidson, Trustee

IMG 5854Library Personnel

  • Mr. Bryan Cloutier
    Library Director & CEO
  • Ms. Gloria Berglund
    Administrative Assistant
  • Ms. Wendy Mutch
    Head of Adult Services
  • Ms. Charli Osborne
    Head of Teen Services
  • Ms. Shae Smith
    Head of Youth Services
  • Ms. Nancy Weir
    Head of Support Services
  • Mr. Jim Ostrander
    Building Superintendent
  • Mr. Michael Shackelford
    IT Consultant
  • Ms. Sian Marshall
    Librarian Assistant

IMG 5871Planning Committee

  • Mr. Peter Scholz
  • Ms. Wendy Scholz
  • Mr. Curtis Wright
  • Ms. Teri Stiles
  • Ms. Maureen Helmuth
  • Mr. Joe Young
  • Ms. Madonna VanFossen
  • Ms. Janet Pawelek
  • Ms. Jane Saxon
  • Ms. Patrice Bono
  • Ms. Linda Lewis
  • Ms. Susan Bossardet
  • Ms. Judy Doublestein
  • Ms. Marilyn Duguid
  • Ms. Rose Bejma
  • Mr. Stephen Nara
  • Mr. David Walker
  • Ms. Barbara Blanock
  • Ms. Stephanie-Ann Chizmadia

P5300170Goals and Objectives

GOAL Assure the Facility Meets the Needs of the Community

  • Expand the children’s area to accommodate collection growth and to encourage better parent child interaction
  • Explore options to create curb appeal Consider options to provide for outdoor seating
  • Seek “green” solutions and alternative materials for projects
  • Explore alternatives for enhancing the existing layout and for expanded use of the facility, to include space for additional group study and local history

GOAL Collaborate with Community Organizations to Provide Increased Access to Library and Community Resources

  • Explore collaboration with leadership groups and community organizations
  • Investigate need and location for a business resource center
  • Explore opportunities for partnerships / collaboration in the community
  • Showcase community resources and highlight history
  • Explore promotion of adult programs through communication / marketing with other groups

GOAL Respond to Community Needs by Providing Access to a Balanced Collection

  • Continue to evaluate, analyze, and review patron requests, usage and statistical data / Solicit input for collection expansion
  • Provide easy ways for patrons to make suggestions
  • Examine ways to increase circulation
  • Explore material leasing possibilities

GOAL Promote a Safe and Welcoming Atmosphere to Attract Community Members to Use Facilities

  • Explore the creation of a café, beverage station, and/or vending services
  • Revisit guidelines for community room use
  • Examine ways to invite community to exhibit local talent and hobbies
  • Promote use of community room

GOAL Seek Opportunities to Generate Additional Revenue

  • Recreate “Friends of the Library” group for fundraising events, café, gift shop, silent auctions
  • Investigate grant opportunities
  • Expand memorials/endowments
  • Solicit sponsorships
  • Develop parameters for community room rental to “for profit” groups
  • Explore user fees for fax and Notary services

GOAL Increase Patron Base and Ensure Needs of Current Patrons are Met

  • Investigate alternative, more cost efficient methods in providing outreach programs for senior citizens, homebound residents, and others in the community
  • Investigate ways to increase registered patrons (i.e., at kindergarten roundup, other school functions, celebrate Oxford, etc.)
  • Work with neighborhood associations and realtors to invite new community members to become patrons
  • Consider “open house”-type event or guided tours of the facility
  • Encourage book clubs
  • Explore a patron recognition program
  • Expand outreach services to meet the needs of the community environment

GOAL Continue to Expand and Update Programs to Meet the Needs of the Community

  • Explore programming opportunities for senior center facilities
  • Recruit local “notables” to participate in library events
  • Investigate cross age/facility program activities (homework club/mentor, Wii, computer classes)
  • Explore education opportunities utilizing natural resources surrounding the library in collaboration with Oxford Township Parks and Recreation
  • Examine multi-cultural programming (cooking, holidays, music, language)
  • Publicize programming opportunities via newspaper and websites
  • Develop library informational packets for new parents or parents-to-be

GOAL Continue to Enhance Library Presence in the Community

  • Develop presence at community events
  • Increase library presence on public access TV/link to streaming video on website
  • Explore linking websites to/from community organizations
  • Create ways to promote and increase public knowledge about the library (i.e., flyers, brochures, infomercial, etc.)
  • Market available space to the community
  • Generate newspaper coverage of library events
  • Explore reading celebrations at the library
  • Expand the website to allow more staff control to update and modify


GOAL Promote a Friendly, Welcoming Atmosphere to the Community at All Levels at All Times

  • Redefine community relations role
  • Recruit community individuals to increase volunteer base for staff support
  • Reduce physical barriers between staff and patrons (feng-shui)
  • Explore possibilities of staff physically assisting patrons (i.e., roving reference)
  • Consider ways to identify staff for the public
  • Develop a staff recognition/appreciation program (internal newsletter)

GOAL Expand Technology Options to Stay Current, Secure, and Safe

  • Explore possibilities of a library-hosted community website/bulletin board, community calendar
  • Explore self check-out
  • Investigate virtual reference services
  • Examine options for Facebook & Twitter presence
  • Improve technology infrastructure (i.e., color copier, color printer)
  • Maintain current levels of online security
  • Increase awareness of online databases and catalog
  • Explore updating children’s technology stations to be more user-friendly
  • Recruit law enforcement to present a program to children and/or adults on cyber-security


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